Nicole's Gluten Free Menu Guide

Are you or one of your loved ones gluten free?  So are some of ours!  We get why it’s Important to you because we too have gluten-intolerant employees and family members. Nicole is one of our co-managers. She’s been with us nearly a decade and she’s eaten gluten-free items here the entire time.  Straight from her mouth, this is her guide and her top 3 recommended items!

Appetizers: The wings are not breaded but are fried in the same oil as other menu items that contain flour. Taquitos, nachos, shrimp skewers and chips and salsa are OK. Stuffed mushrooms are OK, but bread is served next to them.

Salad: The only gluten items in our salads are the croutons in the blackened chicken caesar, which we can hold. the buffalo chicken salad has breaded chicken tenders, but we can do that with grilled chicken. The pollo asada salad breaded jalapeno bottle caps, but we can hold those as well. House salad is served with coutons but can be served without.

For pasta we offer a gluten free rigatoni in the build your own pasta section.

Mexican food: The burritos and quesadillas are made with flour tortillas and the jalapeno cream sauce is made with flour. Green chili is is made with corn starch and our enchilladas, tacos and chips are made with corn tortillas. The chili rellenos are made with crispy wonton skins that are made with flour. No lard is used in our beans.

Gluten-free side dishes: Cottage cheese, coleslaw, the veggie skewer, green chili, salad or mashed potatoes. We use the same oil (vegetable) to cook our fries and sweet potato fries in as we do items that have flour.

Burgers & sandwiches can be served with a gluten free poppy seed bun.

#1 Mt. Shasta Salad

#2 alamo burger with a gluten free bun and no sweetfire sauce

#3 Johnny Bravo’s Tacos with pulled pork

If you have any food allergies please let your server know and we will do our best to accomodate your needs.